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Dedicated Instructor

Michelle Ressell is an avid hand gun and precision rifle shooter.  She has over 38 years' experience and is dedicated to teaching others how to safely enjoy the shooting sports, and how to use handguns defensively.  Michelle is a Practical Pistol Shooting Coach, and an NRA Counselor who trains others to become NRA Pistol and Rifle Instructors, as well as Range Safety Officers. She is a Registered Firearms Instructor with the IDFPR and provides training for civilians, Military, Law Enforcement, Dept. of Corrections personnel.

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Do I need a FOID card and a Firearm for the class?

Don't have a FOID card yet?  Don't worry.  Those who are not restricted from owning or possessing a firearm, can take the concealed carry training and apply for a FOID card at the same time as they apply for the Illinois Concealed Carry License.  If you haven't purchased a firearm yet, we recommend you use our firearms and holsters during the training, as this will help you narrow down which firearm suits you best.  There is no extra charge for using our equipment.  

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Our Motto

Practice doesn't make perfect.  PERFECT practice makes perfect.  

It's not good enough just to hit somewhere on your target.  You should be able to precisely place your shots exactly where you want them.  Michelle, a skilled and patient instructor, uses many detailed techniques - including slow motion video to assist clients in their goal of becoming safe and accurate with a firearm.  Our firearms academy provides you with the shooting training, knowledge, and the diagnostic tools to help you succeed.  Sign up for our concealed carry training or a private lesson today!



Concealed Carry Certification and Renewal Training

Why should you carry a concealed handgun?  So you are prepared to be your own "first responder" if necessary.  Join one of our monthly Illinois Concealed Carry License classes where we provide you with the classroom and shooting range training you will need to be able to apply for your Illinois Concealed Carry License.  Our courses are designed for beginners and those with experience.  Application assistance is available.  We also provide Florida CCW and Utah CFP classes. 

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Class Schedule

Personal and Home Defense

It is not enough to learn the basics of shooting... you must be familiar with the applicable laws that guide our personal and home defense decision making process.   Our Concealed Carry classes provide you with this knowledge, and show you how to keep up to date with changes in the law.  Continue your training with private lessons to help you become proficient with clearing malfunctions, shooting one handed, etc.  


Private Beginner through Advanced Training

Whether you are a first time shooter interested in getting starting with a solid foundation in firearm safety and accurate shooting techniques, or an experienced shooter who wants to improve your skills, a private lesson is an ideal solution.  Lessons are personalized to your individual needs.  Call 708-872-7226 to schedule your session.  

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Concealed Carry Classes are held on weekday evenings to accommodate those who work weekdays and cherish their weekends.  

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